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    Many toy dogs have gum disease. It often starts as early as a year old, or may not be a problem until they are 5 or older. Similar to human beings, it occurs from not keeping their teeth clean, there may be a hereditary factor, and it may be contagious from dog to dog!

    Bad breath is a first sign

    Look particularly at the little upper front teeth.  If there is redness, soreness, odor, and if the gums are receding from the teeth.  You are in trouble.

    Tooth Care Regiment

    1. Brushing
    2. Scaling
    3. Smiles application
    4. 1 to 3 X a week
    5. Bones, Chewers, and more Bones
    6. Bad Breath: Antibiotics followed by brushing, scaling and Smiles
    7. Gum disease, same treatment as 6.
    8. Loose teeth don't worry, they will everntually come out on their own
    9. Vet Care?  Shouldn't be necessary

    Brushing Teeth

    When brushing hold the mouth closed.



    Tooth Paste Comparison

    Poultry Flavor Dog Tooth Paste ($$$) Favorite flavor
    Peroxicare: Foamy, Effective
    Colgate Ninja Turtles: Bubble gum flavor, not bad


    Best way to hold the dog for dental scraping.

    Scraping the back teeth

    Favorite Tools: Sturdy, Sharp Dental Hooks
    These were made for dogs. I found these at dog shows (not on the net)

    Treating Gum Disease
    with Antibiotics and Smiles

    The Antibiotics require a prescription, cheap at walmart
    You can also try looking at an aquarium shop or in fish medication area at a pet store.

    Best Drugs:

    Metronidazone 250mg give one each day

    Clindamycin 150mg give one each day - Most effective

    Smiles is for Dental Support, Maintenance and Prevention of gum disease.  It is the most effective product I have ever used.  You can purchase Smiles online at:

    Applying Smiles

    Smiles is availabe at: Mainly Dogs

    Smiles is applied with a wet fingertip

    You will be surprised at what your dog will tolerate if you are kind and don't hurt him.
    There is a learning curve for both of you!!




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