Marchwind Farm has created an ideal environment to raise dogs.  The dogs have a maximum of freedom, yet safety. 

They enjoy the companionship of humans as well as other dogs, clean open spaces and gourmet meals designed for maximum nutrition, variety and pleasure.

Puppies have access to outdoor yards from early on and are easy to housetrain.

Right now I have 4 outside assisted living buidings, with 5 to 8 dogs in each surrounded by big grassy yards, shady porches and some with big trees.

Dogs are separated according to size, age and sex.  The adult females are completely isolated from the males and there are two boy yards.

The kennel buildings and our house, is entirely surrounded by acres of fenced yards for the dogs.  In the back, the kennel fence adjoins the horse pasture.

All facilities are climate controlled.
We also enjoy epic sunsets here.


Assisted Living Buildings
So named because the dogs are free to come and go at all times and are just steps away from the house and kennel. 


The Assisted Living buildings are climate controlled with big, secure yards perfect for younger dogs to play together, run, lay under the shade trees, watch the horses in the adjoining pasture, enjoy the sunsets and happily welcome all our arriving visitors.

The Kennel
Runs are open during the day so the dogs can enjoy freedom and exercise in their yards.

Our dogs and facilities are kept extremely clean at all times, exceeding all state and federal guidelines.  The health and happiness of every dog is our TOP priority.  We are inspected annually and earn the AKC Breeder of Merit Award every year.

Our top Champion Italian Greyhounds are the result of over 30 years of dedication to the breed.  We constantly strive to enhance and improve our bloodlines.  Bred to be sound in Mind...Body...and Temperament.

Each mother has their own private area to give
birth and attend to new pups.  Every station has electirc outlets for heating pads.

Litters are in double runs. they love stuffed animals.
Puppy image here Puppy image here
Puppy image here The building to the left was my first design. the building above is my best design.

Ford Transit van loaded and ready for the next dog show!!!

We hope you enjoyed the tour.

If you would like to come visit us, please call Lois March to make an appointment.

Office Monday - Friday:  (229) 271-4623
Cell:  (229) 699-0290

Marchwind Italian Greyhounds
3665 GA Hwy 215
Vienna, Georgia 31092

"Breeding the Best
for over 30 years"